Your problems can be

For Successful Decision Making

Sometimes we have to make a big decisions in our lives when starting a new business,  seeking for another careers or managing business and I will help you by giving practical and realistic advise.


Relationships includes family, work environment, friends or any other environment and I will help you by giving advice how to be "you" in all these relationships that you are having difficulties with so that you can be smiling again. 

Sorry but I can not see love relationships.

Vague anxiety

If you are so lost and you want yourself back, If you have an anxiety of your life when you get old, If you are suffering from  spiritual disorder,

I can give you essential advise to make you feel pleasant and comfortable.


  First time: 90 minuets 30,000YEN

From the second time: 60minuets 10,000YEN

~ Above price is for all "Face to Face", "Online" and "session at your desired location" sessions

Fees can be paid by Paypay, Line pay, bank transfer or cash